semi hollow, 53/10's


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Jan 9, 2013
I bought some 53/10 pickups off eBay and I can only find a shielded wire and a white wire.

Aren't there supposed to be more wires?
No. The metal shielding is ground and the black inside the shielding is hot and the white is the split....I think...:)
Yes. My fault. I just got off the phone with Prs tech support.

What kind of differences should I look for with these 53/10 pups vs. The standard zebra pups?

A question that is best asked before dropping $350 on pickups, but I was a little bored.

I've got a 3 way push pull on the way so I can split them, but right now they are humbuckin
Alright, so this is my first guitar modding experience, and it was fun..

The neck pickup sounds wonderful. Very full sounding, and level. Unfortunately, the bridge pickup isn't as pleasant of an upgrade. Back with the zebra pickups, I'd flip it to the bridge and get very sharp distinct highs, but that is not the case with the 53/10 treble/ bridge pickup.
Does that sound right?
Hey, the ground shielding on the bridge pickup didn't tack to the pot. Alright! Now I'm rock in!

I got McCarty push pull and amber lampshades in the mail today too!