Sell me on the HDRX20


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May 27, 2020
The Lonely Mountain
I'm looking to get a new amp soon, and these days I like the little 20-30 watt things. So much easier to transport. I've never bought a PRS amp before (been an H&K user for years), so with PRS having come out with the HDRX20, its right in the zone I'm interested in. If youve played one, tell me all about it. Theres nobody in my area that has any to demo, so I can only rely on videos and word of mouth. Thanks mates.
I am having a blast with mine !!! its clean even when it dirty if that makes sense.
You can crank it to 10 and still be in the same room if you like :) or run it clean and drive it with pedals works great so many ways.
Took me a min understate a single channel amp like this but its fun.
Here is a iPhone recording I did just after I got it
You've probably already seen my rants on the HDRX 20, so I'll save you the stuff I've already said in other threads.

Speaking of PRS amps in general, I find them to be very unfiltered, raw, and open - in the best way! Some amps I've played felt like they were doing some strong tone shaping, almost to feel or sound like the "album version" of the sound, not the amp it came from. PRS amps will give you everything the circuit has available, they have a flavor depending on the model, but in general they're also not cutting things out of the signal to great extent. It can make for an adjustment period, but once you do, amps that behave in the more overly groomed fashion feel way less open and almost choked down. The PRS amps also let a lot of the character of the guitar through, instead of trying to persuade everything to sound the same.

If you think you'll enjoy the features and tone of the HDRX 20, I'd definitely say go for it. It'd be hard to find a classic guitar tone loving person who didn't like it.
Its an absolut blast to play, i had tried the SV20 etc etc out there but nothing beat this, i love mine...this is a tighter lower gain focused phat tone.
And its an awesome pedal platform, nos fuzzes, vibes , el capistan, reverbs, everything sound stelar, better than any amp i have tried, as long as its not too dimed
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