Seeking split coil wiring diagram help for 2017 Zach Myers


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Apr 16, 2017
I did a fun coil-splitting mod on my SE C22 semihollow, but in that case I also put in S-D pickups and a six-way toggle to control the selections. Worked great, and S-D (and the Free-way switch company) had great documentation available so my task was rather straightforward.

This time around the target of my evil plan is my 2017 matte black ZM. I’m planning to keep the existing pickups and, instead of a six-way toggle, I’m considering the dual mini toggle layout like on the 408 and the new 24-08. In the early, simply pondering phase of this idea I’ve been looking for reliable diagrams of the current wiring as well as the wiring layout for this sort of splitting scheme (generic or specific, either is fine).

The PRS documentation pages don’t seem to have the ZM diagrams available, and in my searching abroad I’m wanting to be sure any split/switch layouts I look over are correctly applicable to the ZM. Any chance some kind soul knows of this information and could point me at the source(s)? That would save me a ton of trial-and-error searching.

Many thanks in advance!
Thanks, that's very useful info.

As I get closer to actually pulling the trigger on modding this ZM I'll share some progress info and pics.