Searching for my Holy Grail, Signature series #521


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Dec 27, 2019
Hey guys, I'm looking for a super long shot. Im trying to track down Signature series #521, it should be an 1989. The guitar would be my birthday guitar 5/21/89.

Unfortunately I know nothing about it or where to even start looking, so I'm coming to you! Im hoping someone here either owns it, or knows who does, or even has seen it somewhere. I can't find anything online, and Facebook groups are bringing me nothing.

So, help me PRS forums, you're my only hope!
Going that far back, I’m not sure PRS even still has records indicating who the original store was that they sold the guitar to. Problem is, the sale to the first customer from that store would probably be unknown to PRS and then if the guitar was resold at any point, things get even more complicated. Sometimes its hard enough finding a guitar just of a certain year, never mind, a specific serial number guitar. Good luck in your search but it might not be possible to find.

Unless Paul made his first guitar at age 4, I’m out of luck on a similar quest but I wish you luck on your search. I checked mine...

Are you sure 521 is a 89...I have seen ones in the 400s that are 90. Early PRS serial# are all over the place