SE Tremonti ?'s about pickups and knobs setup


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Mar 21, 2021
Brand new purchase from Sweetwater. Looking for other owners or those "in the know"......

Can't really tell (maybe a tad bit) the difference in the change of pickup sound toggling the 3 way switch from bass to middle to treble. All three positions outside of bass (just a tad) sound almost the same. I would expect a more distinct change in tone - a sharper switch in tone from bass to treble. If it helps I believe the guitar has PRS "S" humbuckers in both neck and bridge position.... or is that the reason for the "sameness in sound".... the same exact pickup is being used in both positions?

Also, while I play I'll admit I'm a newbie as to the workings of the guitar when it comes to figuring out exactly what pickups the two volume and two tone knobs control in relation to the 3 way selector. Any help here as far as how this should work, how the changing of the 3 way ties into which knobs etc.?
Tremontis are not wired with the traditional Les Paul layout. If you’re looking at the Tremonti from the front, the layout should be:

...Bridge Volume........Neck Volume

Bridge Tone.......Neck Tone

Which to me is a more logical layout than the traditional LP, but it’s an adjustment.

I’m not sure about the pickups on the SE version. On the core, there is a definite difference between the two pickups. There are a couple things you can do. First, I’d make sure that the toggle switch is doing what you thing. Select each pickup individually and tap the pole pieces on both pickups - either with a screwdriver or with the strings. If that’s all good, try adjusting the pickup heights. That can make a big difference.