Se Singlecut purchase


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Jul 8, 2012
I have the opportunity to purchase a SE Singlecut in tobaccoburst. already loaded with Duncan PU's with bag for $200.I have had a desire for a LP style guitar for awhile. after looking at many LP's ( studios, stnd,etc.) don't think I can pass on the price of the SE singlecut.
I'm not sure which Duncan's are in the SE but they were added to the stock pot and switch . what other upgrades should I consider.

I have 5 of 6 phase 2 tuners .I need 1 treble side phase 2 tuner. looking on line they seem to be going for abut 50-60 dollars. could buy a whole set of locking tuners for that price. does anyone have 1 they would be willing to part with for a reasonable price?
Also, how stable and good is the bridge? and the nut?


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Thanks for the website. but they only have the bass side listed. I will call them Monday. any other websites?
Plus, John could convert what's on it to, basically, Phase II. Give him a shout. For $200 you should be all over it!
At that price I'd be all over it. Replace the odd tuner and flip it for more if you don't like the guitar. Or just play it as's a great deal so long as its authentic!