SE Satin finish scratches


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May 8, 2024



I recently bought a 2022 SE Holcomb SVN with the 'coffee stain'/satin finish.
It was bought brand new from a mom and pop store out of Kentucky.
When I received it (bought through Reverb) it played and worked fine but it has a few superficial scratches on it. Plus some 'gunk'/residue on the upper frets.
See pics.
Nothing that looks like it was from playing though.
I asked them if this was a demo model and they said "This was not a demo model, the finish looks normal for a brand new satin PRS SE. I would recommend a gloss finish if you do not like this, thanks!"

My question: are these scratches 'normal' to this finish? Is this finish sensitive to these type of scratches? I've never owned a PRS so can't say.

Pretty simply: I paid $900 for a brand new guitar and don't want scratches. BUT if this is kind of typical of the finish, and it's a guitar that's cycled through being on a store wall and put in a box for a couple of years then....I get it.
I don't own any satins myself, but I can't imagine these are "normal". As you mentioned, they're superficial and maybe not too important but that's up to you to decide how you feel. Doesn't seem like a great response from the vendor however - assuming they're being truthful that it isn't a demo/returned/etc., there really isn't any reason a brand new guitar would come scratched like that.

If it was a gloss finish, I'd say you could buff them out. But I don't know if that works on Satin, you could wind up with shiny sections where you buffed.
Looks like handling scratches and something I certainly would not think ‘normal’. Maybe the guitar was knocked or rubbed against sth before sale.
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I have a couple of satin guitars and that’s not normal. Looks like something hard scratched the surface of the wood like jewelry or improper handling of the guitar/shipping. It’s purely aesthetic but not normal for a new satin guitar that was handled properly and not a demo.