SE SAS pick up options


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Apr 21, 2024
Se SAS. So I’m considering changing at least the neck pick up in both of my SAS Guitars. The bridge is nice. The neck pick up seems a little bit muddy to me. Compared to my 10th anniversary S2 it’s definitely muddy .compared to my SEDGT it’s not as clear..
what has been the experience here with putting Seymour Duncan or D’Marzio pick ups in their SAS . I’ve been looking at the Saturday night, special Seymour Duncan and the 36 anniversary DiMarzio .
This is my first post and I bought my first PRS six months ago during the SE sale. I didn’t expect to get as hooked on them as I have. I literally sold all three of my elite Stratocasters, held onto my prestige 2204n and my carvins .
A pair of 5708 and SAS is a match in heaven. Add a freeway 6 way switch while in there and thank me later..

I tried a ton of pickups in my core SAS. The 5708 was the best set. Followed by 5815LT. I finally settled on 5815LT neck and 5708 in the bridge.

The Wolfetone Marshallhead in the bridge and DrV in the neck was easily my favorite non PRS.