SE Santana or SE 245


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Dec 5, 2012
I don't know which guitar I should get either the SE Santana or the SE 245, maybe the SE tremonti also. Are they that different in sound and feel?
I have the Santana and have tried the 245 and I prefer the Santana. I don't have any experience with the Tremonti though.
I just got the new SE Tremonti Custom which is a 25" scale compared to the 24" for the Santana.
I like the new Tremonti better.

My SE Custom 24 is also 25" scale, I like it over the Santana too.
Did like the feel of the 25" scale. The 24.5" scale is great for bends and vibrato but it took a bit of getting used to.

Give the Bernie Marsden a whirl to.

Ultimately, try as many of the models as you can and go with the one that feels right.
The 2012 Santana, 345 and Bernie all have the SE 245 pups, so between them the biggest differences are going to be the feel of the neck and the scale length. The Tremonti Custom also has the SE 245 pups whereas the standard SE Tremonti has SE treble & Bass 'buckers. Not had experience with the latter but the SE 245 pups are good pups.

A trem will alter the tone and feel to an extent too.
I went through a bunch on the wall and took a few home before I finally settled on the Santana. I really wanted 24 frets (as little as I need them), but once I got the feel of the Santana, that was it.
Hi, im a newbie to prs se line, bought the zack myers.....then the se santana. |I feel they are similar but the fretboard feels flatter....the fatter body to the zm was comfy body, very pleasent to look glad in all areas of the zm. The se santana does sound different in may tonal situations.......i will never part with them......would really love to tap or coil split.......i like to get the most potential for expansion in sound.......both are very difficult to put down........m happy and please.........the se line is the best of all to play them for what thery are and be surprised at the joy of it all...........Godin12...ECstrat candy green.....60th anniversary strat.....50s reissue daphney bleu to cuddle the DG20 emgs...chavell ds2...Les P{aul classic premium plus...epi SG Procy...Gretsch electromatic goldtop....telercaster.
It's too bad you missed that Sweetwater deal on the SE 245, Smokey.

I think the SE Custom 24 and Santana are two very classic SE models that I own. But I have two singlecuts, which are also awesome guitars - an SE Singlecut Tremolo tobacco sunburst, and the new SE Tremonti Custom black/grey flame. These two singlecuts sound great, feel great, and play really well.

All of my SE's sound different, aside from the fact that they apparently have the same pickups for the most part. The Custom 24 has the bass HFS and SE treble pickups. I think my older Singlecut Tremolo might have different pickups too, but they all sound great stock. These are equal to the best stock guitars that I have owned when it comes to pickups, and the build quality is unequalled.

If you want a tremolo the SE Santana is the way to go and you get a classy guitar, double cuts are very nice looking, etc. All the elements are there. If you want more of a LP type vibe, go with the 245 - it won't be an LP but it will be a great guitar. I don't think you can go wrong either way, but that Tremonti Custom black/grey is awesome, as well as the Custom 24.

It's a good choice to have to make. More than a few dudes would be more than happy to own any one of these guitars.