SE Paul's Guitar new pickups


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May 6, 2020
Has anyone put new pickups in their SE Paul's Guitar? I have a set of Lollar Imperials I wanted to put in, but the mini toggles won't work. I think PRS and Lollar use different color codes on their wires. Has anyone made this swap and do you have a wiring diagram?
The wire colors are likely different. The polarities may be different, too. The switches are for coil taps. Unless the Lollars are four-wire, those toggles may not be useful. The PRS diagram for the SE Paul ( shows the pickups have four wires. There will be two wires (start/finish) for each coil. The trick will be matching the color to function (hot, tap, ground, tap) and making sure the Lollars' polarity orientation matches the PRS pickups (magnet flipping is easy, BTW).
The Lollars how 4 wires. This is what Lollar told me:

Black is hot/slug side start
White is slug outside
Red is screw side outside
Green is ground/screw inside
You need to figure out the North/South polarity for the Lollars. If they are stock, Lollar should be able to confirm. PRS flips the magnet in one of the pickups to prevent them from being out-of-phase when splitting in two-humbucker mode.
It looks like you will need to flip the magnet in one of the pickups. Of the top of my head, I can't remember which is which on PRS pickups. When I get home I can check and let you know.