SE P-90s...electrically identical to USA P-90?


Zombie Two, DFZ
Apr 26, 2012
Indy, IN
I have a serious soft spot in my heart for the SE One and it's amazing P-90. By far, it's the best value in guitars...hands down. But as I look for a functional multi-pickup USA brother, I'm concerned about preserving the punch and balance of the One's pup. Though I've played many McSoapies, I've not broken down the electrical specs of the USA and SE models of pickup. Does anyone have a definitive guide to their comparison? If not, how about a subjective analysis?
Boogie - I think you need to tryout a 25th anniversary Mira....all hog with 2 soapies. Ang and I AB'd his with my SE Custom SH soapy and while they are drastically different guitars, the sonic goodness of the P90s came out perfectly in both....
Not identical, the USA P90 is a SD variant and the SE P90 is a SD design but wound in Asia IIRC. They have the same blood lines but are slightly different.

If you want a 2 pup configurations to go with your One, get a used SE Soapy 2 Maple. Won all kinds of "guitar of the year" awards back in 2006ish. Great guitar. I had a McSoapy and the SE, I sold the McSoapys and kept the SE Soapy 2. It really is that good.