SE Mark Holcomb Speculation

You're right, I was thinking of the Gen III Trem which has only been PS since 2011 and only in Core so far I believe in the 58/15 Limited run. Sorry. I'm sick if that's a good enough excuse for the mixup in my brain. >_<

I still think the Phase III Tuners are an unlikely part to find on an SE though, unless it's a special order run or somethin'.

It's all good.

I'm still a little skeptical about the phase III being on this SE, however, with his sig pups and a satin neck I'm sold either way. Phase iii would just be the icing on the cake.
And you can still read the cache, but I wouldn't hold them to a word of it since some things are obviously still in flux.
Not SE, but had to repost because of his clever caption: "Good things come to those who 8."
What is going on here? This guitar is popping up everywhere and yet, not a single bit of information from the company. These guitars are going to be shipping to stores and put up for sale before there's even an official announcement.
I'm thrilled, this is the most excited I've been for an SE guitar. And by no means am I questioning their strategy or motives for holding back this long on an announcement. But when they do a review in a prominent guitar magazine, and I was already able to pre order the guitar...I just find it odd that we haven't heard anything from PRS yet. Just generating conversation, as this is a forum dedicated to that very purpose...
Yeah, no worries, I was kinda wondering the same thing, I viewed it as something like a rhetorical question that, if you actually got an answer, so much the better.
At this point, who cares. Shouldn't we all just be happy that it is!?
Yeah, this is pretty much my attitude, but still, you gotta wonder. It's not like they can pull this listing.
To be fair this issue of total guitar doesn't actually come out until next week, they just ship it to subscribers a week early, so I'd expect an announcement before next Tuesday. "newest member" cracks me up, he's been in the band for ages now.
Finally. And thanks.

Drop C, interesting. I saw that tuning before and could not figure out what it was -- now I've figured it out -- D-to-D with the lower D dropped a whole note.