SE line = Bad pickups

Discussion in 'Electric Instruments' started by mlbchicago, Jan 7, 2020.

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    I have a '17 SE Santana. It's a wonderful guitar and far from harsh sounding.

    But, the pickups are a little blah... I also love P-90's and went with my winder of choice, Zhangbucker, to order some humbucker sized P-90s to pop in. They haven't arrived yet or I'd give you a tone report. But, I've been super happy with the other pickups I've received from David before.
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    My new 2019 PRS SE Custom 24 came with 85/15 humbuckers. I’ve only had my new guitar for two days so I can’t provide the best response but so far I’m liking them, not bad at all but that could easily change. I do not think the PRS SE 85/15 pickups are on par with any of my Reverend guitars stock pickups. Reverend guitars which use Railhammers which are Reverend/Joe Naylor pickups and some of the best pickups - my opinion. But the PRS 85/15’s do sound better than most or some factory stock pickups - my opinion and personal experience. I have several Fenders and Reverends and they are my preferred guitars. The PRS SE 85/15 pickups are better than most Fender stock pickups - somewhat but time will tell. So far I’m happy but it’s still new.

    Again only been two days but so far I’m very happy. But things such as pickups, tone, wood, strings and more are all subjective. Do what you do and as long as your happy that’s all that matters and as long as nobody’s getting hurt lol. Unless someone asks for my opinion on something then I usually don’t go online posting such stuff. That’s what reviews are for lol.

    If I upgrade it’ll probably be Seymour Duncan JB or 59 and Seymour Duncan Jazz. So far I sometimes think the neck is a little to hot at times for clean which can cause slight muddy/dark. The bridge can be a little tinny at times. Splitting so far is ok. I think if your mostly always distorted this isn’t such a big deal but if you jump a lot between clean and drive than it might become apparent on the clean.
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    I really like the 85/15 S in my SE Cu 24. I play that guitar more than any other, especially for the heavier, grinding stuff. The pups are so responsive and tasty. :)
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    Apr 26, 2012
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    Simply put, the SE pickups are "bad" for you - nothing else. When I bought my SE, I thought they were a bit hot/harsh. Replaced the 85/15S with SD Custom and Jazz - and yes, the guitar then sounded like most other classic rock guitars. Nice, but... And then I decided to reinstall the stock pups, tweak a little, and bingo, it hit me - these are great hard rock/metal pickups! They've been in the guitar for 2 years now, and are staying there. And when I want a more classic/vintage sound, I play my McCarty. :)
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    As Tim S suggested, get the neck profile you like, then just change the pickups. Consider Lindy Fralin’s P-92’s. They’ll be a drop in fit for any good luthier. And, as others have politely suggested, your title sucks and is offensive to many of us. There’s a lot of ground between I’m unhappy and everything sucks. Find it.
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    Don’t know if it would help but I got the 35th SE C24 December 23, and it took a minute to figure out how much more useful and necessary the tone knob is compared to LP. It’s more of a presence control than a treble cut. Keep experimenting with it, good luck!
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