SE electric guitars now come equipped with graphite nuts?


Moo Panuwat
Aug 15, 2012
Bangkok, Thailand
Just came across SE Mira page on Sweetwater and noticed it says 'Graphite composite' nut material. The nut in the picture looks very similar to graphite IMHO. I know SE electric guitars have been employed hard plastic nuts through 19 years of production line. But graphite? Never heard about this before.

The official SE Mira page doesn't mention about nut material. Does anyone know if this graphite upgrade is true or not? If so, which models eligible for graphite?

I replaced the nut on my SE CU24 25th with a TusqXL several years ago, and even on that guitar, the nut seemed to be more than just plastic. I did Paul’s “drop test” and it had a clank akin to the core nut. I don’t know anything for certain, but would be interested to know if it’s actually something new, or just a marketing thing.