SE DGT goldtop pickup upgrade


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Feb 2, 2022
Seacoast NH, USA
After hemming and hawing, I finally put a set of Wolfetone 4 Cond. nickel canned Legends in my SE DGT. I have no idea what real DGT pickups sound like, but this is a great set and serves the overall guitar very well. The splits sound good, and after playing around with pickup heights, it is a very versatile guitar.
Good call. A pickup upgrade is mod #1 for SEs.

I have Wolftone in each of my SEs: a Marshallhead / Dr Vintage combo in the 245; the 245 Soapbar has a Wolfetone Mean P-90 neck & a nasty 70's Gibby P-90 bridge.
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Dr V's, and Marshallhead I/Dr V neck are also in my SE's, as well as BKP Mules, Emeralds, Stormy Mondays, and a set of Rebel Yells. ( have 5 SEs and 2 S2s, gear whore alert!):eek:
The best way to describe the Core DGT pickups is that they are an acquired taste. I actually have a set sitting on my shelf that I removed from a Core DGT.
I installed a set of Wolfetone Marshallhead's in the DGT. I ended up having Wolfe send me the nickel covers non attached to the pickups b/c I replaced the A2 magnets with A4 magnets, then put the covers back on.
TBH the Marshallhead's sounded better in the DGT than the DGT did with the stock pickups.
I have a set of a Marshallhead Bridge and Dr V neck , but they're 2 conductor, otherwise I would have tried them. The Legends are sweet though.
I'll be putting this MH/Dr V set in my SE Singlecut.