SE Custom Semi Hollow & CE24 Semi Hollow


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Jun 26, 2022
New to the PRS family this year with my first PRS, S2 standard 24 in satin cherry, absolutely love it.

I've been itching for a semi hollow for some time now and at first wasn't crazy about the size of a PRS hollowbody but the more I look at them the more I like it.

I love the Santana yellow in the custom 22 semi hollow, which I believe has the same pickups and hardware as my S2 (although I put Dimarzio paf pros in my S2). For obviously more money, but not unobtainable, the CE24 hollow is 24 frets which is nice to have and other than the bolt on seems to have more core like overall such as carved top, opulent finish choice and American pickups.

My question is, do these semi hollows have the big midrangey hollowbody sound given their smaller size compared to something like an ES335 body?

Secondly, is the SE model going to feel and play as nice as my S2 given it's made by another company in Asia?
The Semi Hollows aren’t really all that hollow sounding in my opinion. They’re more like lighter (possibly depending on luck of the draw) versions of their solid body counterparts with an F-hole aesthetic and a convenient place to lose a pick.

That’s not to say they don’t sound good or great.