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Rick Stewart

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Dec 19, 2020
Silver Spring, MD
Hello all,

I just bought a 2013 SE Custom 7. I'm really happy with it so far, but it has some features I'm not familiar with and I don't think they came stock on this guitar. It has what they call a "blower" switch which is on a push-push volume pot. It bypasses all the controls and sends the bridge humbucker straight to the jack. The coil tap is a push-push pot on the tone knob. Does anyone know if this is a PRS feature or is it likely aftermarket?

Also, the tuners have been changed to PRS branded locking tuners. How do I know what series they are? They have closed back, brass shafts and a little black knurled screw on top with a slot machined into the tops. Also the factory screws holes in the back of the headstock don't match where the new screw holes/screws are.

Any info here would be great. I've looked over the web and there doesn't seem to be much info about these 7-string PRS guitars. I have a book about PRS guitars by Dave Burrluck and there is almost NO mention of the SE Custom 7 OR the SVN guitars.

Blower switch is a very cool function. The tuners are either phase 2 or phase 3.

Pics are best for getting info on the forum.

PRS customer service is excellent if you want to know what it was when it left the factory.
The tuners sound like phase 2s. The blower switch is not standard - that’s a definite add-on. The coil tap is stock.

The SVNs came out after the most recent version of the Burrluck book. Not sure about the SE-7.
Thanks guys, you've been very helpful. If I find out anything else, I'll try to post it to this thread.

Here are pic of the tuners BTW...

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