SE Custom 24 + Planet Waves locking tuners


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Feb 17, 2014
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I'm on the market for locking tuners for my SE CU24 and while I do know for a fact that the Grover 406c set are popular around here, I was looking at the Planet Waves auto-trim locking hardware (model # PWAT-331L). Reason being is I like how it looks with the black post and chrome hardware instead of an all-chrome type.


Anyone have experience with them and how much of a direct fit are they and how do you like them overall?

I have them on all of my SE guitars except the ZM, and also on a 2012 Gibson SG '61 Reissue.
They are my favorite tuners.
The only guitar they dropped into with no mods was my little Fernandes.

My dealer installed all of mine, and yes, new screw holes are needed.

I have Phase IIIs on my 408 guitar and they are great and have a better feel when tuning (smoother), but I like how the Autotrims cut the string, very cool.
Kudos to Planet Waves for thinking outside the box.
I would go for Schallers. They are a direct slot in, no drilling and you can use the PRS screws.
I've had a couple of bad tuners among my auto trims, so I tried Hipshot open backs with the U.M.P. plates. Now I've put them on 4 of my SE's. They don't weigh a lot, so the balance is very good. Also the shape of the tuning keys matches the curve on the top of a PRS.
I did go ahead and installed the Planet Waves on my SE CU24. While it did require drilling new holes for the mounting screws, it was a piece of cake -- both installation and re-stringing the guitar! I no longer feel the need to stretch the strings and tuning it up was quick (that auto-trim is cool, IMO) and I was playing in no time, with little fine tuning here and there but eventually all just came to. :)

The head stock color contrasts suits my liking without all the shiny chrome posts.

I'm just completing some pieces and I should soon be posting up a pic or two of the mods I've done so far.
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