SE Custom 24 colours!


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Nov 10, 2014
Hey there everyone!

Just quickly i'd like to say this is my first post on here and I appreciate anyone/everyone's time in helping to answer my question!
The next little bit of information is a bit of back-story to my question. The question is at the end of the back-story, if you can't be bothered reading it!

So I've been very interested in getting a PRS SE Custom 24 for about a year now and I've decided I'm finally going to bite the bullet and do it. As a full time student, funds are quite scarce for me, so getting a US PRS is out of the question unfortunately :( however, i've only heard great things about the current SE models. Ever since i saw Mikael Akerfeldt playing a Custom 24 live a few years back, i've been completely obsessed with what i consider to be the greatest looking guitar ever (not to mention seeing countless other artists use them). So I'm giving in and im going to get an SE Custom 24!

My problem is that… I don't like any of the current colours! I'm honestly not a fan of the sapphire, vintage yellow or tobacco sunburst. Now, I'd love to get an SE in obsidian, charcoal burst or faded whale blue, but realistically I know that'll never happen… I quite liked the grey black colour, which was a 2013 colour (i think). I also quite liked a number of the limited edition quilted maple top finishes such as trampas green, amethyst and of course grey black. The problem is that I'm from Australia and we never see these limited runs, so I'd have to order one of these finishes through Wildwire music UK. I'm hesitant in doing this because I'd prefer to play the guitar before i buy it…but would be felxible on this considering how much i liked those colours. Because i've taken so long to come to a decision, these colours are now sold out! (Besides a single amethyst guitar i believe).

So! My question is… when will the 2015 SE Custom 24 colours likely be announced? Would it be Winter NAMM in January in 2015? I know it's quite hard to tell…but would anyone have any clue about their intentions with the 2015 standard colours? Does anyone know if there will be any more limited edition runs in the near future? (whether these limited runs be quilted or flame maple)

Anyway, I'm hoping I get some helpful insight from anyone who might know!

Thanks a lot!
I had a look at those and there's quite a great range. However, by the time i have my currency converted and the guitar shipped to Australia, i'll be paying nearly double the price :(

Thanks anyway though!
I stumbled across this 2014 Goldtop, and subsequently put it on layaway. Just looks awesome!




Hope you find what you are looking for!!!