se cu 24 30th anniversary neck


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Jun 16, 2012
Hi I have just bought a new se custom 24 30th anniv, my question it has the wide thin profile like the other older prs se custom 24 I used to have, now this could be my imagination but has anyone had any differences in the neck feeling more chunky on the new se cu 24 30th anniv models? also the guy at the shop said it had a slight back bow that he said he took out with the trus is that possible to do with the trus, by the way he did a horrible setup and I will be taking it to my tech next Thursday for a proper setup. my tech did have a really quick look at the guitar yesterday and said neck was fine regarding slight back bow but he said the saddle heights were terrible, can saddle heights that are not in radius make playing harder misiing notes in runs ect?


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Mar 30, 2013
I had a se cu 24 once and it was a thin neck profile. I have not played a recent one or the se 30th to compare. The product section states wide/thin for the se. But the S2 is pattern regular--in between a Les Paul and Strat neck thickness. I really like it alot. I have a 95 cu 24 and it it is wide thin. big difference in thickness which changes how I play each guitar.