SE Bernie Marsden spare backplate?


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Jun 2, 2013
I recently purchased an SE Bernie Marsden and I was also lucky enough to get the backplate signed. The only problem is I don't want the signature to get scratched of as it has already started to do. So I looked on the PRS shop and I couldn't find the backplate to fit this guitar, so if anyone would know where I could find one that would be great :)
I'm not sure where you can find a backplate - BUT before the PRS Store offered singlecut shaped backplates for SE guitars, I had two that were signed. I asked this same question and someone suggested Krylon clear coat to spray on them. It worked like a charm and now they stay on the guitars.
The Bernie is a pretty unique backplate because of the control layout. It's also backed with some silver foil for shielding with countersunk screwholes.

Two options are to find a way to add a protective coat to the plate that doesn't harm the sig, or...

Use the existing plate as a template and draw around it, including screw holes. take a note of the depth and see if there's anyone who could use that template to cut you a new plate from Perspex or something. Glue some foil to the back and job done!