SCT Singlecut Trem User club


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Dec 29, 2021
Wow....some of these tops are sincerely awesome!!
Simply beautiful...congrats..!


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Nov 14, 2015
Corpus Christi, TX
Ohhh so many nice tops on your SCT's!!
I'm currently in the market for a SC in general and the SCT is popping up on my radar again and again.

On the first view they are eye catchers (esp. as of some very nice tops). Then after some seconds the controls layout (with two pots and the 3-way next to them) starts to irritate my eyes. More so the upper horn appears weird to me (as if as of the missing 3-way the body-neck-ratio changed). Does anyone had similar experiences in the beginning?
How does it feel for you now since owning them (maybe also compared to the "traditional" LP layout)? I'm used to this layout with CE's, Custom's and the DGT - but those are all double cuts.

I can't help but the Tremonti SCT looks more "right" to me (if that makes any sense)? The price difference (appr. 700-1.000EUR on used ones) though is quite a factor for me. Also I like the WF neck a little better compared to the WT on the Tremonti (not as much as I like the DGT neck carve ;)). So +1 for the SCT...
The idea behind the SCT is to go the Tremonti route gain-wise (although I'm not a fan of ceramic pickups and probably try to pair a Tremonti Bass with a 59/09 Treble - or like Myles Kennedy does a 245 Bass with a SD Custom Custom - and I read Suhr DA's are quite loved as well).

On the other hand I have options with a CE22 with Trem which I could put the pickups in and use for the higher gain stuff and lower tunings.

I'd also like to get into the SC245 market but that one would probably end in a more classic tonal direction for me (eg. with 57/08's for some classic rock and blues).

What do you think? Any recommendations how to approach this?

I seem to get used to any setup on a guitar once I spend time on it enough. I wouldn't worry too much about configuration especially if you are used it in CEs and so forth. I'm sure that gets you more options. I've always wanted a single cut trem...but with two Custom 24s that I love....and 3 Gibby LPs and one SC250....I can't justify it...but I love them!

Also I've been using 57/08s for Metal. Solid pickup probably for anything.


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Feb 8, 2015
My entry, although I would LOVE an SCT!


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Jul 10, 2019
Also I've been using 57/08s for Metal. Solid pickup probably for anything.
Good to know. I was a bit uncertain as I remember the Bass side pretty bassy and so I was thinking that downtunings on a 22fret guitar are maybe more of a challenge for the pickup and loosing articulation.

Another option would be to replace the #6's with Dragon 2's from another PRS I've got. Has anyone tried these on a SCT?