Schwingg!! 30th Anniversary Dragon

I'm with Markus Dragonis Collectosoris on this one. Nightshade makes the wings scream!!!

I like both colors. One of each for me, I suppose?

I wish I had that kind of disposable income!
I agree that both colours are really well chosen. If I *could* actually afford one I'd have a very hard time choosing.
I'm not knocking the later Dragons - but given the scratch, I would look for a I, II, or III with a trem - and I know at least one exists...

Oh MY!

Kids in college, kids in college, kids in college,......
Saw this on the Facebook page, been drooling on it ever since, lol. My girlfriend said I could get one too!

Now to find a black market dealer who will give me $30-50k for a kidney... Maybe a lung too, lol.