Same pickup with different magnets in bridge/neck

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    Has anyone tried putting the same pickup with a different magnet in the bridge and neck positions? Say an Alnico 5 in the neck, with a ceramic in the bridge? What do the middle positions sound like? I would presume one would still want to compensate for the electrical differences with height, since the DC resistance would still be the same, so the output would still be the same.
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    HFS/VB and Tremonti sets both use ceramic in the bridge and alnico in the neck. Granted, the two pickups in each set are different designs. I've also used sets with different alnico in each pickup, but each pickup is wound differently.

    Magnet material and strength plays a role in tone and output. For example, if you took two identically wound pickups, and put degaussed A2 in one and ceramic in the other, the ceramic pickup would sound louder and brighter.
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    Garrett knows stuff.
    But I couldn't like it and be the one to take him off of 666 likes.
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