Saddle height adjustment screws for PRS?


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May 5, 2012
Hi guys!With my new bridge setup(see pic)the saddle screws are kinda maxed(2 mm action at 12th fret).Will try to find longer ones for more stability.Which size/threading for PRS saddles?My PRS have never sounded better with this kind of setup so it will be a keeper.I have given up on floating trems.Prefer them blocked and flat to body now.
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I believe your best bet is to just block the tremolo in its standard height using something like a or wood blocks. This way you can set the saddles as lower.

The current setup should be damaging the bridge knife edges, killing your resale value in case you want to sell it and set back to floating as it won't stay in tune.. I also don't know how high you will be able to move the saddles until stopped by the intonnation screws
I started with a tremol-no and ended with this.The Fender American standard tremoloblock was a tad too big to work with the knifeedges but sounded killer so i had to try this crazy idea :).For me working mostly on Strats i know the difference in sound having the bridge flat on body and blocked ala Clapton strat.You are right about resale value but the guitar is a keeper for me.Having it setup floating again no problem for me.
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I see. In that case the other option I can think of if you can't find the screws is to get a long rectangular metal plate a few mm of width cut for the lenght of the saddle cavity and place it underneath the saddle screws. This way you could get them higher and sit them lower on the screws.:confused:
It works,i was just thinking a bit more stability.Not sure what size/threading.
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I thought PRS screws were smaller than Fenders but just found out they are the same.Had an old Fenderbridge with four 5/16 screws and eight 3/8 screws.PRS screws are 1/4 long.Here how my bridge looks now with raised saddlescrews.2 mm stringheight at 12th fret.Damn it sounds good now! :)
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