S2 Vela Bridge (type d) pole height adjustment?

Tomer Lupo

New Member
Oct 27, 2020
Hi everyone! I'm new here. I bought a vela a couple months ago and I like it quite a lot. My only complaint with it is that the neck pickup seems to be very muddy and way too bass heavy for my taste. I've found that if I lower its height considerably its much less muddy/beefy and more clear/bright which I like. That being said it considerably lowers the output vplume of the pickup and when in the middle position it gets completely masked by the starla bucker in the bridge. I'd like to now if and how it is possible to adjust the pole pieces. I'd like to increase their height. I tried adjusting the little screws on the pickup itself but they did not seem to do anything. Any reccomendations? If not possible would it make sense to install a bass cut/treble bleed mod?
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