S2 Custom 24 vs S2 Standard 24 (satin/not satin)


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Jun 18, 2024
Given the recent changes in the S2 line, what is the difference now between an S2 Custom 24 and and S2 Standard 24 (Satin or not) besides the finishes?

In particular do they have the same hardware and quality of manufacturing and which do you think will sound warmest?
Same quality of manufacturing. I prefer the standard but others the Custom. It's all up to you. The Cu24 has 8515 pickups and a maple top. The standard has 5815LT and all hog without the maple top. The Cu2408 has the TCI pickups and different switching.

More info and specs
The standard sounds warmer because of the pickups. The custom has more resonance and clarity. Those were my findings and why I went with the custom. And the look played a part. I would've been happy with either.