S2 594 with different placement for 3 way toggle - is there a reason?


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May 9, 2012
I see two different version of the S2 594.
One has a toggle in the upper horn and the other has one by the vol/tone knobs.
Any reason for them being in different places?
The S2 594 Thinline got me to wondering, "when is a 594 no longer a 594?" Compared to other 594s the control layout is different (switch position) and it has a different neck profile. Seems to me these are defining features of the model?
The defining feature is the 24.594" scale length, hence the name McCarty 594. As long as it has that scale length, it is a 594.

The switch location is different in the thinline due to the fact the body is a solid piece of Mahogany, no Maple cap, so not easy to make a hole to the upper horn for the switch wiring.