S2 594 Announced!

Like the looks of the of the Thinline but wonder why the Pattern Thin neck and repositioned toggle switch? Wonder if they have anything to do with the thinner body?
Oh well.
There goes my plan to get a 35th ann. S2 CU24.
I will be getting one of these thinlines instead.
Does anyone know the release date?
One vendor on Reverb said estimated ship date of 3/24/2020...of course it had the language that it could change based on demand, etc, etc.
Interesting! Wonder if the S2 standards will go bye bye.

Not sure why they would. The Standards are a different guitar with trem and different neck. These are probably going to be more expensive than the standards also.

Bryan Ewald's playing in the demo only makes me want one of these ASAP!
Always does. But this time, they took the model I wanted most but had put on the back burner due to price, and made a very affordable version. I seriously hope this blows me away as much when I play one, as I think it will.

No offense to the man himself, but.... LES WHO?
Also intrigued. How much thinner is the body of the Thinline, compared to the S2 Custom 24? And I'm assuming it's thinner than the regular McCarty 594. I like the toggle switch placement better, I think, and the colors are certainly more unique too - love that antique white. I was thinking I really wanted the Singlecut, but now I'm not so sure...all three will be winners.