Runs From The Past - Celebrate What Was And Still Is!

THAT is killer flame. You probably got the pick of the bunch! [edit: oops I missed the ME1 headstock and thought that was a 53/10 limited. No wonder such killer flame!]
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Was taking this Collection Series VI out for a walk when I got reminded how majestic these limited runs from the past are.

PRS puts out so many fantastic runs, the latest being the Graveyard LTD. Occasionally it’s necessary to celebrate the glorious past!
WOW!!! What an incredible detail, Jaw dropping
Speaking of inlays with incredible detail, where’s 11top with his dragons? You can’t beat those.
The Ted McCarty 245 run is one of the best that's come out of the factory (IMO).

I don't own one today, but owned two in the past. I tried once to get a PS trem version, but it's now stuck in Howard Leese's collection.


Howard's PS:


Traded the McBurst for red (shocking I know).


McCarty trem (another great run).



Signature Limited.

WAY under rated run. Maybe because of sinker mahogany controversy - but these are fantastic guitars.

OK, I'll try to milk this one but good. :D

20th anniversary Cu22 limited. Beautiful "angel step" figuring on the body that doesn't show well in this shot:


Experience 57/08 SC limited (related to an earlier question, I bought this guitar because of the magic new 57/08 pickups, as it was one of the only ways to get them at the time. Of course we all know those pickups became a smashing success). It's the only guitar I've ever named: Ripzilla!


Experience 59/09 limited, featuring 59/09 pickups, satin quilt top, and Indian rosewood neck. This is practically a Modern Eagle. In fact I did retrofit my Modern Eagle with 59/09s because I loved them so much in this guitar, and now they're kind of a pair:


(Oops, bonus pic but I guess it's kind of limited too!)

Experience 2012 Cu24 limited. You can't set the flamey maple satin finished neck in this shot, but it's killer. The pickups are 53/13s by another name.


And finally, one of last year's run of 594 soapbars:


I like “Ripzilla” yum!

Inlay on Artist 4 1996, Birds once again are solid gold

Not just gold, but engraved, double yum!
Some seriously excellent guitars shown already!! Love the PRS limited runs. I know there was a time when it seemed like they were milking the term "limited" for a while there, but even knowing that, I find all of them to be magical in their own way. I have 3 guitars all from the same lot of the 25 Pernambuco DGTs they did a while back. For my personal tastes, its easily in the top 3 "runs" for me. I would get more if I could!

Sorry. Everytime Jcha posts his beauties, I cannot resist a family re-union. It’s just too fun.

[Late edit] Jcha’s pale beauties “migrated to the northern hemisphere”, while mine “went south developing a more sun-kissed complexion”.

But they all come from the same origin and they are same, they are one. Splice the genes and you have Permambuco, Indian Rosewood, Maple, Mahogany, Paua and Mammoth Ivory.

Same and one.

Jcha’s has nicer flame though. Damn!

(Okay, only slightly) :rolleyes:
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