Rubber band on push pull pots


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Sep 7, 2018
I have a wonderful PRS studio.
It’s a great guitar, the best I ever owned: the bridge humbucker is sweet, the narrowfields are some of the best pickups I heard.

My studio has in my opinion only 1 little defect: the tone pot is push pull to split the humbucker, but the crystal clear knob is difficult to pull.

I have solved the issue with 2€, buying a silicon ring made for vape sticks. It’s 21-25mm diameter in size and it sticks perfectly on my pots, giving them a perfect grip.

Mine has a batman logo that fits nice on my blue burst PRS Studio.


You can find them on ebay, this is the one i bought but you can find plenty different colors:

You can use the rubber band without any risk to damage the guitar, and I find them very confortable.
Great idea zoddo7, and a beautiful guitar!

I might try those for my Studio.
They are the perfect size for the knobs, because they leave the numbers readable.

I love my studio. Extremely underrated guitar, I don’t know why!

Those bands are the perfect size, good find!

First Act guitars, some models sold through the big box retailers, had o-rings in grooves cut around their hat-style knobs like these.
Example picture from an old VOX guitar.

i sprayed my knobs with clear plasti-dip. It's not 100% clear (slightly milky) but definitely helps with the pull up grip.
As I have both PRS and Gibby singlecuts with 4-knobs, every now and again, that slight tactile feel comes in handy when I forget which one's the tone knob in the heat of wail! Sucks going for woman tone and getting zero volume! :eek:
Maybe a different shape, with a little crown on the top, would make easier to pull. But the silicon ring is for me a perfect, reversible and cheap solution. Just wanted to share.
The bands are a great idea! I have trouble getting a decent grip to pull up the knobs on mine, too.

Sweet guitar, btw.
I use a generic rubber band on the 5-way rotary of my 09 Standard 22 :D super helpful!
I searched for a generic 20mm-25mm rubber band but couldn’t find, until I discovered that some vape tools uses one of the perfect size.
There’s a lot of different colors, words and logos, more than plain black ones.