Rock & Roll HOF Nominees 2024


Respect The Clave
Jun 1, 2014
Austin, Texas
Here you go...if Cher, Mariah Carey, Sinead and Sade don't make it in, all together, then the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is bogus, right? Because NOTHING says 'Rock and Roll' like these four...At least 2 of these 4 will be inducted, because you know...maybe even 3. All 4?...Not impossible, because, you know...

They should just get it over with and rename it to the "Music Hall of Fame" or something. There's nothing rock and roll about many of the inductees, and of course the nominees you just mentioned. It's a joke.

And I didn't even mention Rush!
Tribe? Mary J. F7cking Blige??? No thanks.

If Ozzy doesn't make it in, does he have a shot at the "BET NAACP R&B HOF"? One can only hope.
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