Robben Ford: which PRS is this? McCarty?


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Jan 30, 2014
Posted a video today on FB... is a dark reddish, double cut, only 2 knobs, I assume 1 volume/1 tone... just a hardtail McCarty?

I had to go find the video.....such great tone!

Right?!?! I immediately started thinking of a McCarty instead of a DGT, lol. It's actually funny- Grissom has said he thinks of the DGT like a "tele on steroids".
I've been following this closely as Robben lives here in Nashville and I've met him a few times. He's super nice and those Little Walter amps he's been playing through I've also had some time with.

Him with PRS is phenomenal. Robben Always sounds like Robben but man do those sound good.
BTW, someone over on TGP actually verified through PRS that the color is "vintage cherry"