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Nov 4, 2012
washington iowa
I have a buddy that keeps trying to get me to try a Mesa 4x12.

There is a road king 4x12 local I'm looking at. Anybody play through one?

What can I expect out of this cab?

It has black shadow speakers and is half closed back half open back. 8 ohm per side 4 ohm summed.

I can get it cheap enough so if I don't like it I could move it.

I'm not playing much high gain stuff any more but I COULD at any moment.

I'm thinking my mesa stiletto might like this cab

Any advise from the experts?

I realize I should be asking this elsewhere but I just hate all the stupid a$$ comments that soon follow elsewhere.

I feel like I can get good feedback here.

Thanks all.
That cabinet is made to work with all of the various options the Road King head has. I have a Roadster with the 2x12 cabinet that was designed for it. These heads have a ton of options for each of the 4 channels in them. The Road King has an additional tube type from the one I have and you can select the speaker output for each channel on it from what I remember. That is why the cabinet has a closed side and an open side.

My experience with the Mesa cabinets I have played through is that they typically have more low end than other cabinets. I am sure this cabinet will sound good but the way it is built you will end up with either two speakers in a closed configuration, two in an open configuration or both at the same time. It would at least give you the options of both and you may find you like one of those a lot.
I had one for a while. Great amp, but complicated. The older I get, the more I like simple. No I have a Mark V 35 and a Fillmore 50. I kept the Road King 2x12 and rewired it with new speakers to use both sides at 8 ohms.
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