RIP Alvin Lee

10 Years After, I'm Going Home, Woodstock, Classic!!! I learned a lot of licks from that dude. RIP Alvin.
I posted on the Artists' forum. Was surprised to see no replies....Now that I was directed here....still surprised to see so few comments.

Does this forum's demographic skip the Woodstock Generation? This guy was one of the highlights of Woodstock, and was one of the greatest guitarists EVER.

"I'd love to change the world"

"50 thousand miles beneath my brain"

Check out the album "Cricklewood Green" if you're not familiar with'll be practising his guitar licks for the rest of the year!
RIP Alvin

See Albrecht Smuten's post below for my un-spell-ckecked, computer substitute H*LL original post.
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