Rewire 2011 PRS DGT to 2012 Specs


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May 24, 2013
I posted this thread in the wrong forum, so here it is again. I have found a new 2011 PRS DGT in my local guitar store which I really love - weight, looks, feel. However, I have also played a 2013 DGT and really like the single coil sound with the new wiring (starting in 2012). I could have a local tech rewire to 2012 spec - it doesn't seem that difficult. (I built my own 5 E-3 Fender amp but my hands would shake touching such a pretty guitar!!) Does this undo the warranty? Is it as simple as I think?

Thanks for any and all advice.
Well the best of all worlds happened. When I picked up the guitar today for a take home trial, we opened the back plate and discovered that, while made on 12/09/2011, it already had the 2012 wiring - verified by opening a 2013 and seeing that all was identical. When I got home I re-checked the PRS Schematic for 2012 DGT and it was dead on - so no more worries, I got the guitar I know and love! I guess model years can be somewhat smeared when it comes to December January dates of manufacture (or I was just plain lucky).

Take home trial? Oh man, your dealer is pretty awesome.
Things like that still happen in Austin. In this case I left my Les Paul Custom Shop VOS 2008 R8 - the trade in guitar. However, at my main dealer, where one day the owner left his shop in the middle of the day, on no notice, to help me do some work on my house, I just sign a little piece of paper. It's a pretty good burg!! BTW glad to be rid of the LP, while very beautiful, the neck was way too fat for me.
Austin is awesome! I love it there.

So, how did the at home trial go?

And I know I'm in the minority but I would love PRS to start offering a R7/R8 type neck carve. In fact I was leaning toward ponying up the dough for a R8 when I played a PRS for the 1st time and went with that instead, in spite of the wide-fat neck carve.