Reverb nonsense

I know you guys think I'm broke, but don't think for a second I'm not going all those goodies, plus $12.75
After all the guitars I have bought over last couple of weeks I'm am most definitely broke.
I can't reach your $ going to have to fold.

Not saying I'm penniless but if I break a string I'm going to have to learn some Keith Richards 5 string licks.:cool:
It's the underpriced items that confuse me. Right now I know of a 90's CE22 for under $850 that the guy selling thinks is an SE Baritone guitar.

I'd buy it if the guy or gal had any feedback at all. But it's zero.

And the listing has so much wrong info I'm suspicious, although i suspect the owner just doesn't know what they have.

(So how'd they get it? Inherit it? Steal it? Trade for it?)

But I've bid on stuff like this before, won and been very happy with the results.

I'm gonna let someone else have this one though.
well there is expensive then there is Master Monteleone's work ... I had the pleasure of chatting with him at the Artisan show , he gave some great tips on Lutherie. $115,000 1 pickup .. no whammy spruce top ... on the 'Verb