Reverb nonsense


Jan 16, 2013
I always love those "I don't care if it sells, I will probably keep it", posts. If you wanted to keep it, you wouldn't have taken the time to list it in hopes someone not familiar would actually pay your price.

Not trying to pick a fight, just giving you the other point if view. I have a Taylor PS14ce Cocobolo listed by a friend on there right now for 10K. Check it out it is gorgeous. It is a 2015. None of the items on that guitar are available right now collectively. My buddy has gotten some hate mail about how some say they can get the same guitar for almost half the price. Simply not true. My listing is clear the guitar can no longer be spec'ed this way and still the hate. What is wrong, or the difference with getting a good deal with a justified price. I have no problem keeping it if I don't get what I know it is worth. The market seems prime to sell it, so why not.Meanwhile some Reverbites gripe at my posting and I do not know why. I am simply making a unicorn available, or what I believe to be a unicorn. If someone does'nt like it, I don't know why the complaining. Dont buy it. Just like all those people say, "If you don't like it change the channel". I am begininning to the enter the market for a camaro ss convertible. The prices right now are high so I will patiently wait. If someone has to have one of these cars, I am happy for the buyer and the seller. I am not gonna complain about it. That's all. No malice in my words and no nonsense in my reverb listing.
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