Replacing 2009 DGT Tuner Button


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Jun 13, 2019
I have had a 2009 DGT since new. Recently the high e string button became stripped and will no longer turn the shaft. After doing some research I found out this was a common issue for these years. I am now concerned it will happen to the others in the future.

I contacted PRS support and was told that none of the Phase tuners will fit this model, as the early year DGTs used a tuning machine designed by Schaller specifically for this model and they are no longer in production. They mentioned the Schaller M6 minis will fit this guitar and the buttons should work as well. Though these buttons will not match and ordering just one button direct is over $40 after shipping.

I would like to get something close to the original faux bone buttons. Is there anything out there that can be purchased in the US that will be closer to the original?
I ordered some new buttons for one of my PRS guitars from Sew Mac. I got the Schaller small buttons and they fit just fine. You may be able to find something through them.