Replacement nut for SE Standard 24 (2019)


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May 10, 2024
I would like to upgrade the nut and tuners of my SE Standard 24 (2019) for better tuning stability. Does the graphite nut marketed by PRS (PRS ACC-4204) fit on my SE? According to the specs, the guitar has a wide thin neck profile, and the width at the nut is 1 11/16" (42.9 mm).

Thank you, Andreas
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Any replacement nut will need to have its final figment and slot depth cutting done by an experienced technician with the right tools. Pre-slotted nuts are not a simple drop-in replacement part.
... agreed. The question was, however, whether the specified nut fits in my guitar (the nut might be too narrow, or the string spacing might not fit, and I could not find any dimensions of this spare part on the internet).
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Width looks right - not sure about the bottom bevel & your neck angle. Hopefully someone with an SE will chime in.