Relic’ed Silver Sky?

Looks nicely done to me. Although the pickup covers and knobs are way to shiny still.
I'd like to see what he did (if anything) to the headstock.

I normally like the relic thing, but... I don't know.
Hard pass, I’m in the ‘wear is earned not bought’ camp. It does at least look tasteful minus the stark white plastics. Too many relics look like they were played hard by Godzilla…or Pete Townshend
While I am not a fan of the whole relic thing, I've played some of Riggio's guitars, and they are phenomenal. Good enough to make me consider getting one of his Teles.

The owners of the local vintage guitar shop sell them, and told me a story of hanging out with Riggio at the Tacoma Guitar Show when PRSh comes up (cause he knows one of them) and starts asking Riggio about himself, eventually picking up one of this guitars and liking it enough that he bought it on the spot.

Riggio does great work, I'm sure this job is top-notch.
Very tastefully done. The white pup covers and knobs are reminiscent of the bakelite material on the original strats which stayed very white looking while all other parts showed the effects of aging.
Looks pretty good to me. Looks like he might have used a razor for the checking, which I'm not crazy about the look of, but overall it's very tastefully done. I agree about the lack of anything to the plastics though. They'll at least pick up some dirt and scratches even if they don't discolour.
I get so tired of the "to relic or not" on all of the forums. If you like it great if not move on.

For me - I like the look and would welcome a reliced PRS. As a business move think about how many Fender has sold. Why not give the slice of the buyers who want one what they want???

I have always tried to keep mine pristine but now that I have been playing out for a few years there are a few bruises. I am OK with them where before I would have had a melt down.
As a PRS player that gigs it would be great to have a relic to drag around and not worry about things.
FAIL. He forgot to rub the numbers off the volume knob. :D :p
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