Recommendations for amp build


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Feb 4, 2013
Whats up guys. I've been thinking about doing an amp build for a long time, but there is some knowledge and things I need to know. I've repaired and built several pedals and guitars so far and I'm ready to move up. I'm thinking defiantly tubes, classic rock and blues sound, and be able to keep the same sound on various volumes. Kind of like a master volume that doesn't effect the sound very much.
Tubes I'm considering using:
1 - EZ 81
2 - EL 84
2 - ECC83 S
1 - EF 806 S

I'm a big fan of Hughes and Kettner, 65 amps, and PRS amps

I need this to be a defiant amp that stands out among the others. Needs to work well with pedals and KRANK and turn down low. I've checked out several amp scematics and got a feel for what I'm jumping into here.

I need your guys' recommendations and knowledge of what you think would be good. Also info on every single
part's purpose is very welcome!
Trying to keep a budget of under $800, but it needs to sound a lot more that that!

What do you guys think?
I don't think you're going to be able to get a PRS CAD amp for your budget. Have you looked into the SE amps?
If you're considering your own build at home, check out the TGP forum. I think a few of the guys there have done Ceriatone builds, which are fairly priced and they have plenty of kit options. At least I think it's Ceriatone...
The other option is a TubeDepot JTM45+ kit, which is in your price range. But if you were to triple your budget, just buy an HXDA. ;)