"Real life" musicians who inspired you to play?

In a barn? :eek:

That's baa'aaa'aa'aad... :p:p

Naaaa'aaaa'naaa. :p

It was in my girlfriends parents pool house. They didn't have a barn but, that would have been cool!:cool:

P.S. Word to the wise...if you have a pool house, keep it under lock and key...Oh! and beware of punk kids showing up to your house in a Trans Am while sporting a mullet.
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When I was 12 a guy my brother went to college with needed a place to stay (I guess his parents were splitting or something, I never got the full story) and my parents let him stay in a spare room for six months or so. He played guitar and used to practice in our family room. I used to watch and was fascinated. He showed me some chords and some riffs that I couldn't play but I 100% wanted my own guitar after that. I guess he told my mom that I was really interested in guitar because she asked him to go with her to help her pick out my first guitar as a 13th birthday present. He moved out a little after that and I never saw him again but he was the guy that got me started.
An all original band in Cleveland in the late 70’s/early 80’s called the Adults. Paul Michael was the singer/guitarist and just a force of nature. probably saw them 50-60 times. I wish I could go back 40+ years and see them again!