Raw vintage springs


Tja ba!Läget?
May 5, 2012
Just wanted to inform all you guitarnerds that raw vintage springs fit the PRS tremoloblock.Yes im a tinkerer and after some minor problems with the tremolo i wanted to experiment a little with springs and tremoloaction.I like a soft feel when it comes to tremolos and my DGT with 11s and standard tuning was way too stiff for my likings.After removing the prs springs(if you can remove them ;) )i tried 3 black fender springs first and then 2 hard tension silver springs I had laying around.Both worked well but I discovered something I've never believed in.i lost tone.Especially with 2 springs.Now I use 4 raw vintage springs with 9-46 strings and tone is back.Nice soft feel with these springs.PRS springs are also soft and have a nice feel to them but they are a tinkerers nightmare:).
I have found the same, that the springs add something to the tone, like a reverb effect. Eric Clapton said the same thing, that he got something extra in the tone of a decked bridge with springs that wasn't there in a hard tail.

I made this video to demonstrate that the vibrating springs sound can be heard through the amp. Please excuse the sloppy playing, the spring sound is at the end.

Hey guys, sorry to dig up an old thread. Just got a set of raw vintage springs and couldn't fit them in my 2006 Custom 24. They seemed just a tiny bit too large for the holes in the trem block. I didn't want to try too hard and force them into place either. Just a heads-up for anyone thinking the same!
My DGT is from 2010 and the raw vintage springs fits perfectly.Now I use 2 medium tension springs that came with the Vega trem.I guess they are the same springs Fu-tone sells.
It's supposed to be the same block/bridge on the DGT right? I was so looking forward to getting them in, I have them in my strat and the feel of the trem is amazing.
The springs in my PRS resonate so much that I use a piece of foam between the springs and backplate to dampen them. That does change the unplugged tone since there's no metallic resonance but it has zero impact plugged in.