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Is that an French official accent aigu?
Depends on where in the country you are...east of the Manitoba border the accent leans left; west of the border it leans right. Until you get to BC's coast, then it falls hard to the left. I think they call it underlining. Or is that under"lying"...?🤣
Sorry, I know we aren't supposed to say things like that here...just my lame attempt at humor (or is that spelled humour?). I think it depends on whether you are right or left of centre...🥺🤫🤔
It’s 5:39 am and the birds are driving me nuts.

Yeah, it's that time of year!!!! No escaping it! I love the sound, but it sure would be nice if they could wait until, say, 6:30am ... hell I'd settle for 6am!
It’s 5:39 am and the birds are driving me nuts.
Ours haven't fully started their spring song-burst yet. Ice is just barely starting to pull away from the shoreline on the lake. But as soon as there is a bit more open water it will sound like a Shriner's convention from about 4:00am on. Of course, by then it is daylight already anyway so morning sleep isn't a real big thing for the next 4-5 months. Geese, ducks, grebes, loons, hawks, eagles, and the frogs...OMG! All good though, I love the sounds of nature. Well, maybe not the herons, they squawk and shriek like somebody is being axe murdered at all ungodly hours when they are nesting.
So I broke my promise to myself. I just sort of needed to come here and lurk. This was worth it though. Best place to break my promise with. Right into reading now. I forgot how enjoyable it is sans phone.
I can just tell you that this was OFTEN the second movie at the drive in, after the main feature movie, and by the time this one came on, people were “ready.” :cool: