Random. No more or less

I put Salmon on mine.
I thought I was bieng a Gastronic freak until I went to visit Lyon , france ( went to see Meshuggah) and vendors were selling Salmon topped pizzas in shops
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Pepperoni and CRUMBLED sausage. But my favorite only comes from one place, in my hometown when I was a kid... no one can compare since. Not sure why their pizza is so special, but it is. Since my mom passed away I have no reason to go back there. :(

It wasn't NY thin style, it wasn't Pizza Hut pan style, or Chicago/Detroit deep dish style... it was it's own style. Not too bready but not too thin, meat in every bite yet not too much, and the crust was just something special.

Great now I'm depressed. Thanks! :p
We went out late last night for pizza. Take out. I had a piece yesterday and one today. This was amazing in taste and texture. My hubby got a meat lovers. We have been going to this little pizzeria for 20 years. The only that has changed is the price.

Ok Random thread? ok.

What's your favourite Pizza ?

New York Slice , Cheese and tomato
New Haven coal fired , only Tomatoes on top
American Style Pepperoni
Detroit style with the thick crust
Chicago Deep dish
Since Pizza isn't within my normal dietary restrictions but I LOVE it, I am just going to say, YES! I do not discriminate. I love them all.

One of our favorite places used to do a pick 5 items special. I came up with one that we used to eat weekly. It had Peperoni, Ham, Bacon, Banana Peppers and Onion on it, with a little extra sauce... Man...Now I am hungry.
Forget the dessert pizzas I off on a cooking and baking tangent today.

The delectable baked goods include a cheesecake of some sort(I haven’t decided yet) and peanut butter cookies. Pan seared garlic tofu and fresh veggies. A practice and workout will complete my day.