Quilted tops


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Oct 21, 2014
Are quilted tops, 10 top or artist but not private stock, still an order option? Also, is the eagle headstock a non-private stock option?
Eagle headstock is 99% of the time Private stock. I think quilts are also reserved for PS as well now.
Pretty sure they are. Moore has one now. A search on reverb also shows more than 200 results. Mine is a SE quilt special run from Moore.

When PRS has enough supply you can order a quilt top with the artist package. Right now it’s mostly wood library and private stock. They have been doing some SE special runs with quilt veneers this year.
Santana’s have the pre-factory Eagle. Private Stock takes the bird to new heights and beyond.

Full-thickness Quilt to my knowledge is reserved for dealer and wood library runs. The bodacious of said variety is limited to PS only.