Quilt-top SE's at GC?


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May 9, 2012
Wasn't expecting to see these. Saw a Santana and 245 SE with quilt veneers. I thought these were only available off US soil. Definitely a nice surprise, and it got me thinking.... which is the first sign of trouble!
I hope to see more Quilted Veneer, the only other guitars that measure up to the SE quality is the Sterling run from Music Man, and they have plenty of Flame and quilted maple on their guitars...
I had the same issue. I actually bought a Santana CE quilt top at my local GC. The color was called vintage sunburst. BTW, this guitar blows both of my Les Pauls out of the water and my Strat is just gathering dust in its case. I'll probably trade the strat for another PRS in the future.

Back to the subject: I came home and looked my guitar up on the PRS web site but it was not to be found. It also was not to be found on any other music web site. My first thought was, I've been had. I thought maybe this was some kind of a fake. I proceeded to call PRS direct and found out that this indeed was a genuine PRS that had been ordered as an exclusive to GC. My guess is they custom ordered a bunch of these to their specs and colors. At any rate, the PRS rep checked my SN and told me I had the real deal and not to worry..If I wanted another one like it, however I would have to get it from GC.