Question re: Private Stock order


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Oct 23, 2021
Sorry for the newbie question but I am hoping to order a koa Private Stock Hollowbody to celebrate my 50th birthday in September of 2023. Given that PRS customer service recently told me the current wait is about 12-24 months, I wanted to get the order process started.

I had a question for those here in the know about the choice of dealer. I have ordered custom instruments in the past (direct from small luthiers and big companies like the Build to Own Taylor program) with mixed results. I don’t expect a lot but do want a good working relationship with the dealer I choose.

Is there anything wrong with soliciting quotes and opening discussions with multiple dealers before deciding formally on one? I didn’t know if prices would vary, and deposit process, their access to PRS vault inventory, vary, etc.

For a guitar that costs that much money and is that much of a time investment I wanted to be sure I had no regrets. Or is there no difference and so I should just grab the closest official Private Stock dealer to me locally?


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Nov 26, 2013
Nothing wrong with that approach at all. I would ask which members would respond to a PM and discuss details in that venue.

Private Stock is the real deal, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your creation, and never soon enough.


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Apr 26, 2012
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The specs for your guitar will result in the same price from PRS. The dealers who do a lot of Private Stock are your best bet. There are lots of good choices that participate here to varying degrees:
Jack at Northeast Music Center
JD at Guitar Maverick
Doug at Wildcat Guitars
Brian at Guitar Sanctuary
are all people I would happily deal with again.
Brian’s Guitars
Ish Guitars
are places I wouldn’t hesitate to go to, but haven’t bought from yet - their work is legend.
Eddie’s and Moore’s are also good dealers.


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Feb 15, 2013
I am the biggest PRS fan boy around, but I also tell it like it is. No sugar coating!!!


My first private stock I got prices from 9k to over 13k for the same exact guitar. Paying more has nothing to do with better service. Often times it means you will get less service, they are only in it to make every penny they can.
Talk to them and buy from who you get a fair price from and will guarantee returned emails and phone calls. If you are going to go to PRS yourself it should go as smooth as glass and you should get exactly what you want. If not, who is picking the woods? Are you going to get pictures?
If so, make SURE that is written in the contract.
I can't stress that enough. Get it WRITTEN, no pics, deal void. If you are just going to trust PRS,
You will get what they are going to give you. You may or may not feel the woods meet your expectations.

I'm not being negative, PSs are phenomenal. The best of the best. But communication with the PS team can be non existent after the paper is signed.

Follow those guides and you will be blown away with no worries or expectations that are not met, and you will not pay a ridiculous price.
Wilcutts was very good with me but again.
WRITTEN agreement for any pics of wood or color choices.