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Nov 12, 2012
So I'm monumentally frustrated with trying to get a band together, and am toying with the idea of going out to do solo acoustic stuff. If the only person I have to manage is me, it *should* be anyway, I'm working up a setlist of stuff I can play and sing.

Obviously, if I'm looking to gig, I need amplification. Does something like a Fishman Loudbox work well enough for both guitar and vocals to get the job done? Small PA and a DI? I need to keep it under a grand right now...what might y'all suggest?

I'm not a solo acoustic gig person, but mess with this stuff all the time. My suggestion would be a small mixer and an FRFR. You'll get a better mic pre, and will have way more flexibility to expand if so desired. If you decide to make some backing tracks or even just some percussion backing, have another singer set in for a song or two, etc. etc., this is a way more flexible setup. Good small mixer> nice RCF HD10 or something is well under a grand and would allow you to buy an acoustic guitar modeler that would allow you to expand your tonal options with the guitar as well.
I agree with the small PA (FRFR). I did acoustic duo gigs for a while and we just used an analog Yamaha mixer, one cabinet on a stand for the audience and one on the floor for a monitor for us. We ran the acoustic guitars and mics into the mixer. It worked well and was not a lot of equipment to load in and out. The mixer has effects in it for your vocals. I used a Fishman Aura with my acoustic to get it sounding more like a real acoustic through the PA. I have also done this with a PRS SCHB II and run the piezo through the Aura.

I forgot to mention that the mixer has a monitor out on it so we could tailor the monitor to what we wanted to hear and it was different than what we put through the main out for the audience.
I have a Fishman solo PA (SA220) that I’ve been really happy with, even if it’s been in a bag for a couple of years.

Easy to carry around. Two primary inputs in the front, and you can also run a line feed into the back, so I sometimes ran an electric via effects to the back - only volume control on that.
A Bose S1 is battery powered and has two mike/instrument with equalizer and "tonematch" for instrument or mike. Also has a 1/8" - Bluetooth input.

Battery powered, about 15 pounds no mixer needed. Cuts down on the cords and connections.

I've used this thing for so many applications, its an amazing tiny piece of gear that projects really well, and is a tiny line array. You'll end up using it for other things too cos its small and sounds so good. I can load in with this one trip and two hand if using the custom backpack that is available. Guitar in one hand, equip bag in the other and the backpack.

Looking forward to where you are going with this!
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I do occasional solo gigs - I use a Fishman Loudbox Artist with a nylon string guiatr that has a pick up in it. The Loudbox artist is certainly loud enough for your guitar at any small sized gig. I use a JBL EON ONE for vocals, so I can't really comment on weather or not something will get lost if you run both the guitar and the vocals through the amp at the same time. Later today or tomorrow , I will run a test at my house and let you know what I think.
A good powered PA 10 or 12 inch speaker, and a DI with high and low mid range adjustment is all you need. I am familiar with a lot of gigging acoustic solo acts and this is the way to go. Higher end acoustic amps work but are outside your specified budget. Powered PA is the way to go.
Example a Yorkville 10 or 12 speaker, cables, and Baggs Venue DI or Mesa Boogie Rosette DI for under 900.00.
QSC speakers were pretty common until they had production issues. You could drop the price by a 100 if you went with a JBL, EV, LD, or Mackie.

With the exception of a few acoustic amps, most are gimmicky and many, more expensive than at least the Mackie and not as good!